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Sell Your Property Successfully With Professional Photography

Selling your property can be a stressful process, especially if the sale is due to a major life change. However, with the right marketing techniques, you can make the process much easier. One of the most important steps is to invest in professional photography services for your property. A pro will help ensure that potential buyers see the best side of your property and understand its true potential. In this blog post courtesy of St. Louis Real Estate Photography, we'll explore how professional photography can help sell your property quickly and easily.

A Professional Comes With Experience

When it comes to selling real estate, having someone who knows exactly what they’re doing is essential. A professional photographer has experience working in different environments and can provide tips on how to best present each room or area of the house. They understand lighting, angles, and other elements that make for stunning photographs that will draw people in right away.

Quality Images Will Boost Your Listing Online

Good quality images are key for any online listing, as they give potential buyers an idea of what the space looks like before they even step foot inside. Quality photos don’t just showcase a space but also tell a story about it, from start to finish. Professional photographers have access to high-end cameras and lenses that allow them to capture every detail beautifully, making sure no one misses out on any details when looking at the images online.

Professional Images Can Lend Legitimacy To The Listing

Hiring a pro to take pictures of your property adds an air of legitimacy to the listing which is always attractive for buyers. It shows them that the property is well taken care of and that it meets the industry standards regarding presentation, making them more likely to purchase from you. Plus, when it comes time for negotiations, having quality images on hand makes it easier to prove certain aspects of the property, such as square footage or condition.

A Pro Has Access To Tech Tools

Having access to modern technology such as drones allows professionals to take stunning aerial shots, which could really make a difference in showcasing properties from different perspectives—something you wouldn't have access to with an amateur. These tech tools also allow professionals to capture unique angles which could provide potential buyers with valuable insights into surrounding areas, such as nearby parks or other amenities within walking distance from their new home. A professional photographer also understands how to use editing tools to maximize your final images.

Make The Most Of Your Images With Adobe Express

Once you have taken great pictures with a professional photographer, you can use Adobe Express tools to turn your photographs into marketing materials such as brochures or social media posts. Adobe offers several free resources, and they're simple to use even if you have no design experience. Here are a few examples of the things you can create:


  • Make a Facebook story that highlights your listing. Customize your story using this free tool, then share it on social media. This allows you to widen your reach and connect with a bigger audience of buyers.
  • Make a brochure for your business that tells potential buyers all they need to know about you and your team. This is an excellent way to garner sales. It’s also helpful when your business is represented at a convention or networking event.
  • Create a gorgeous slideshow that contains various photos of your property. This is perfect for a website. With Adobe’s tools, you can put together a stunning slideshow in no time.
  • Make a stunning real estate postcard that shows off your listing and gives all the most important details. Simply upload a great photo and add an easy-to-read font. The end result will look polished and elevated.


Professional photography services offer lasting value when selling real estate because they enable homeowners to showcase their homes from all angles while getting maximum exposure through their carefully crafted images. Investing in quality photography services helps bolster listings so they stand out amongst the competition while providing potential buyers with insight into surrounding areas and features. This means that you'll be more likely to land a successful sale in a short period of time.


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Preparing For A Professional Photo Shoot ARE YOU READY TO SELL YOUR HOUSE?


For most people your house represents your largest investment.  When you hire a real estate professional to help you maximize your investment, they will have the best advice to sell your home and remember you do this once in a while they do this everyday.


A full time professional agent should hire a professional photographer.  This is your chance to put your house above the rest. Most buyers are looking for their next house online, make sure your house grabs their attention first, you only have about fifteen seconds to do that.


Below are some tip to make your house stand out above the rest.  In addition to these tips try googling “staging your house for a professional photo shoot” there is an amazing amount of information to help you. A few hours spent getting ready to make a great first impression does pay off, with less effort.


It is often said that in real estate there are three important words.  “Location, Location, Location.”

You can’t do anything about location, but there are 6 more very important words.











General Tips


  • Vacuum all carpet and remove all area rugs.
  • Mop all hardwood and tile flooring and clean baseboards.
  • Clean all glass, screens and blinds.
  • Clean counter tops off and shine cabinets.
  • Turn all lights ON.
  • Turn all fans OFF
  • Turn all TV’s and computers OFF.
  • OPEN all blinds and window treatments.
  • Remove all small area rugs.
  • Remove all signs, posters off walls and ceilings. 
  • Remove all objectionable objects.






  • Close all doors including garage doors.
  • No car in driveway or directly in front of house.
  • Remove all cobb webs, dust, dirt, leaves, grass clippings.
  • Cut and trim grass.
  • Power wash siding and front door.
  • Put water hoses away.
  • Remove all trash and lawn waste cans.
  • Remove toy’s, balls, tools and other clutter from yard.
  • Set up any lawn furniture like it is being used.
  • Remove pet bowls and beds.



  • Clear kitchen counter tops.  No small appliances, food, canisters, or utensils.
  • Remove garbage cans.
  • Remove anything from sink including soap.
  • Clear outside of refrigerator.
  • Remove mail, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Remove pet bowls and beds.



Dining Room

  • Clear table.
  • Straighten chairs.
  • Remove baby seat and booster chairs.
  • Use center piece.
  • Use place settings
  • Dining room should be clear of anything except furniture.



Living / Family Room

  • De clutter
  • Clear fireplace mantle and hearth except home decor items.
  • Clear end tables and coffee tables
  • Remove remotes, toys, shoes, clothing or anything else that could be distracting.
  • Clean fireplace and paint if necessary.


  • Make beds.
  • Arrange pillows.
  • Iron bedspread if needed.
  • Clear night stands and dressers.
  • Don’t put anything under beds that will show in photos.
  • Remove decorative names.



Bath Rooms

  • Clean and clear counter tops completely.
  • Put toilet seat down.
  • Close closet doors.
  • Remove dirty towels.
  • Remove floor mats.
  • Remove soap, shampoo, conditioner or anything else from shower / bathtub.


Everyone may not have to follow every tip above, just remember you are putting your house on the market and that begins with a photo shoot. This will make a difference and you will be ready to make a great first impression.


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Mark Lamartina Photography vs. Anonymous Real Estate Agent Mark Lamartina Photography vs. Real Estate Agent Saving Money


Anonymous Real Estate Agent


Mark Lamartina Photography


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Mark Lamartina Photography vs. Anonymous "Professional Photographer"  NOT ALL "PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS" ARE THE SAME!

Anonymous professional

They did not want me to use their name!

Mark Lamartina


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3864 Federer-10343864 Federer-1034 GetMediaTUEXB3XJGetMediaTUEXB3XJ 3864 Federer-10303864 Federer-1030 GetMediaMT2TBEMBGetMediaMT2TBEMB 3864 Federer-10433864 Federer-1043 GetMedia4FQ1K8OYGetMedia4FQ1K8OY 3864 Federer-10513864 Federer-1051 GetMedia1AE3D1KOGetMedia1AE3D1KO 3864 Federer-10463864 Federer-1046 GetMedia6TKZZHLAGetMedia6TKZZHLA 3864 Federer-10563864 Federer-1056 GetMediaL9T2D571GetMediaL9T2D571 3864 Federer-10543864 Federer-1054 GetMediaKBDGSVIQGetMediaKBDGSVIQ 3864 Federer-10523864 Federer-1052 GetMediaXHNAVDQEGetMediaXHNAVDQE 3864 Federer-10673864 Federer-1067 GetMediaCWEACCBEGetMediaCWEACCBE 3864 Federer-10653864 Federer-1065 GetMediaAXO96YBGGetMediaAXO96YBG 3864 Federer-10593864 Federer-1059 GetMediaT7KOHO3TGetMediaT7KOHO3T 3864 Federer-10703864 Federer-1070 GetMedia0LGSRK95GetMedia0LGSRK95 3864 Federer-10193864 Federer-1019 GetMediaNAHX0YLRGetMediaNAHX0YLR
3864 Federer-10203864 Federer-1020 GetMedia6TMJJC6JGetMedia6TMJJC6J 3864 Federer-10173864 Federer-1017
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